Dis-Maties TALKS 1

On the 9th of March 2016, the Dis-Maties Society held their first Dis-Maties Talk for 2016. This was held in the Education Building on the Stellenbosch University campus in the evening. As it was in the beginning of the year, the participation was not as much as we expected but we greatly appreciated the people who did come. The speakers who were asked to represent their ideas, were Dis-Maties former Chairperson, Sydney Berrington, the current chairperson, Bernard Botha and the current Secretary, Bongani Mapumulo. As it was a form of introductory talk for any first years that recently became part of the society, the speakers gave their opinion of disability on campus, how an able-bodied person can treat those with a disability in the correct manner, and on what Dis-Maties as a society can do to change problems, in the university as well as on a bigger scale. The discussion was very interesting and the speakers, as well as the guests, had many valid points to take away and act on. Overall, the Dis-Maties first talk of 2016 was a good start to the many events and discussions to follow.


Fiona Brooke

Author: Fiona Brooke

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