Hey There!

Dis-Maties has a monthly social meetup where members mingle and get to know each other. A lot of our members and committee enjoy an unoficial weekly get together but for the oficial fun at Panarotis the exec and members get together once a month for a big jol. This is to stretch the pennies for those who were in the past unable to join us every single week. Also you now have a change to come join us for our other events such as Dis-Maties Talks!

We urge you to come join us for a fun social evening. Anyone is welcome.

image of fast food featuring a soda, a pizza and a burger

Hosted by: The Dis-Maties Exec Committee

Venue: Panarottis Pizza @ The Stellenbosch Eikestad Mall

Time: 7pm

Panarottis buy one get one free Tuesday advertisement.

Join us for Pizza!

Dis-Maties has a wonderful relationship with Panarottis pizza in Eikestad mall and go there almost every Tuesday. It has become the our tradition to get their two for one special weekly. Please come join us on Pizza Tuesdays for the weekly slice. Panarottis is guide dog friendly and the service is impeccable. So dont miss out!